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Thomas's IC MoM Notes - UPDATED 10/25/2015

[[ ooc; assume that everything in here is icly word for word, written by thomas, unless i have ooc notes in small text next to it, like this. anything that's a public thread that's linked is going to appear just like that on the document - a link embedded in the document. anything that links to an ooc post is obviously not going to be actually embedded - it's just there for my reference, or for something to be like "pretend thomas paraphased this". on that topic, please keep in mind, this is all through thomas's perspective, so please don't take it as absolute truth of How Things Are. he definintely has his own special opinions on things...

this document is permanently available through the MIRRORNET, which is the secure network available to ALL IMPORTS. so your character can read this and link it to other people, etc etc. there are a couple other sections with varying levels of privacy, which caaaan be hackable. thomas is pretty good with technology, but he isn't jarvis or anything. but please please ask before hacking.

if you have any other questions, or corrections, or things that are publically available that I missed, feel free to leave me a comment on this page, or pm this journal. thanks! ]]







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» Kate's-Now-Will's FAQ - if you're new, READ THIS FIRST. this page will make more sense if you go through the FAQ first.
» Loki's info dump - i already dug through this and pulled out the important parts, but if you want the original text, and you're cool with listening to loki ramble for a while, there it is.
» Import run business listing.
» Info on import imprisonment [ there will be a summary of how imPort imprisonment works here, but nothing about who the parole officers are or whatever ]
» IC Brochure
» ImPort Organizations & Teams;


» LACHESIS - Greek. Fate. Brings imports here, grants them powers through the Porter. Ruled over the Old/Alpha City, bringing in imPorts to champion things for her, before her sister destroyed the dimension, and Lachesis escaped to this one, along with what imPorts she could save.
  • - "the Lachesis we may or may not be dealing with is the same from that other side of the multiverse, just in a different housing. Which, well, if you want a theory, that's mine. She didn't only secure our escape, but followed after." - Kanaya
  • - "I do truly believe that Lachesis not only used the Porter here to synchronize our rescue, but also to accommodate her escape. It wasn't simply changed by her touch, but she came to abide in it, taking a dormant vessel and breathing her own life into it."-Kanaya
  • - "Lachesis was the second sister born, according to myth, and though the ideas may resonate, sometimes the details themselves get lost."-Loki
  • - "Perhaps you've heard this one before. More than four years ago, Lachesis used her power to create six new countries. I won't pretend to know her reasoning -- it doesn't matter anyway. But after she was done, it was as though they had always been there. We were the only ones who knew there had ever been a world without Savoletta or Southwest Phoenicia. What I'm saying is that at her most powerful, she rewrote everything about our reality, past and present. And she was rarely subtle."- Lust
  • - "You remember Lachesis, don't you? That curious program that everyone keeps bringing up, the one that syncs with the Porter. If that's where this all began, then you can bet your behind that the three's not a coincidence rule may come into play." - Loki
  • - "Holiday did admit that the Porter synced to Lachesis, they're just not entirely sure of where she went." - Loki
  • - "Two years after it all started, she changed that world. Countries emerged, fully realized, emerged from nothing. The history of that world was rewritten; the memories of its inhabitants, too. The damage done by her enemies, erased. Those of us who were there could remember what the world was like, before she changed it, but we're the only ones who could." - Ruka
  • - " October 10th, 2008 by its calendar, and by this one, the "Porter" was activated, and brought the first "imPorts." At that time, it was controlled by an artificial intelligence in a suit of armor, but that being was later destroyed by the artificial intelligence of the Porter itself. She calls herself Lachesis. Like the Fate." - Ruka
  • - "She's... had the tendency to ... solicit our collective attention through mild electrocution. ... Or by turning our communicators on in the middle of the night, and blasting horn noises through the speakers." - Ruka, on Lachesis' tendency to loudly get the attention of the imPorts.
  • - "Lachesis did in the City what she's doing here. After that universe was boomed into oblivion by Atropos, all of those ported into the City were ported here lickity split. That is, of course, after Lachesis infected the Porter. Now they can't send anyone home. They're stuck with any megalomanic powerhouse that arrives." - Loki
  • - Post by L. Chases. Ha.
» ATROPOS - Greek. Destroyed the last world imports resided, Lachesis pulled some of them here. Sister to Lachesis.
  • - "Atropos was a dark god who swallowed the City whole and destroyed the planet in its entirety. The first among us to arrive in Heropa did so to escape from her. But still she called the others her sisters."- Kanaya.
  • - "Which leaves Atropos. The end of all things. We pray we've seen the last of her, as there's nothing to be done when she decides the time has come. We know not where she properly originated, whether she can transcend space as the others do. But two from the same template holding that power, it would be foolish to assume she's a Medusa among the Gorgons, lacking prominent traits of her less-storied sisters. That's the wrong Greek trio."- Kanaya
» CLOTHO - Greek. Third Fate sister to Lachesis and Atropos. Another Porter controlled by Vulcanus. Not actually crazy, just bound.
  • - Kanaya thread.
  • - "Clotho was another Porter, controlled by Vulcanus--which, there you go, Roman god of the smith--in a universe under their own control. A taste of what they planned for the world the City resided in. She wasn't manic like Lachesis, simply bound."
  • - "Do you recall how everyone assumes the government controls the Porter here? This is what I mean when I say Clotho was bound. That for her, it was true. And both were born in the image of Atropos, it is conceivable that she could find us, follow us."- Kanaya
  • - Ruka and Lust talk about Clotho.
  • - "Clotho was bound to a different world than the one we came here from. If either... if any of them are present in this one, I haven't heard their voices" - Ruka
» VULCANUS - Roman god of the smith. Group from the Old/Alpha City. Sought to take imPort powers, and take powers from other dimensions.
  • - "After that, our shared enemy was Vulcanus. Others can tell you more about them, but they wished to take what made us powerful and use it to their own ends. Kidnapping, torture, genetic experimentation—that sort of thing. [ Though the content of the statement is serious, "torture" may as well be synonym for "toothbrush," for the easy, careless way she says it. ] But, when they could not... that is to say, "beat us," the way things were, they sought to gain power on other worlds, other dimensions. And we would follow them. Not by choice, and not with any sort of plan, but for months and months, you couldn't trust that placing one foot in front of the other would land on the same ground." - Ruka
» NONA, DECIMA, MORTA - Roman Fates. Nonah, De Chima, Maurtia Falls. » TRINITY - Greek, Norse, Roman, Christian, etc. fates, threes, etc.» ANANKE - Lt Aisha Ananke. Greek goddess - Destiny, necessity, fate.» NARGA - ??? » NOMOS - Greek. SEE: Moira Nomos (DECEASED). Spirit of law.
» BRYCHA - Greek word for: Find, discover, locate. Brycha, Michigan - old Hornet base, also home of a lot of freaking weird klunk. See below for more info.
» VANIR - Norse. What the Hornets used to go by. Norse gods with the ability to see the future.Michigan.
» EUROPA - Greek. Heropa? It's stretching. Pheonician woman of high lineage abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull. Does kinda fit the imPorts, though. Minus the bull.


» Ruka's post on The City + Lachesis + the Porter.
» imPort resurrection: "In the other world, if we died—that is, us imPorts, and only us—then, there was a very high probability that we would be resurrected. So high, in fact... there were times where death could be treated merely as an escape, from your present dilemma. The consequences were mild, in the long run." - Ruka
» imPort's not tied to governing body or clearly separated from regular citizens: "No, it was very... it was different. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it never was as formal as it is here. If you looked ordinary enough, an imPort could easily pass as someone native to that world, and no one would be the wiser. Sometimes, though, people would know who you were, or know things about you." - Ruka
» imPorts sent to different dimensions to fight Vulcanus: "But, when they could not... that is to say, "beat us," the way things were, they sought to gain power on other worlds, other dimensions. And we would follow them. Not by choice, and not with any sort of plan, but for months and months, you couldn't trust that placing one foot in front of the other would land on the same ground." - Ruka"


» World & Industry [ summary of this page here, learned from thomas going to the public school and digging around news and libraries ]
» Education & Culture [ summary of this page here, learned from thomas going to the public school and digging around news and libraries ]
» Loki's story about the cities - Amara, Claire & Lana Sudiczki (Polish).
  • - "Amara married a rich guy in 1910. So we got Maurtia falls. Apparently it's always been a city for the less ethical and more business-minded. (Insert cough) Lana headed off to follow her dreams of school in De Chima. She died in 1913, from what's rumored to be a series of experiments that she conducted on herself. Claire founded Nonah, easily most prosperous of the three."- Loki.
  • - Claire became a midwife, parellels with Clotho.
  • - Amara, Lana & Claire, from Maurtia Falls, De Chima & Nonah - strong parallels to the Lachesis/Atropos/Clotho trinity, there has to be something there.
  • - * INVESTIGATE; what happened to Lana, what she was supposed to contribute to the Nonah World Fair in 1913, what experiments was she conducting on herself and why did it kill her (rumored - verify legitimacy), school she went to in De Chima, had a son.

» 1/29/2015 - NONAH/DE CHIMA TRIP; kitty, loki, kate and i went around nonah and de chima to look into lana, the missing records, and all this other klunk. we had to do a bunk of chores for a crazy old hag, but here's what we ended up getting this time around:
  • - Remaining Family/Lana's Estate: Lana's son had 3 daughters, and each one of those had another 1 daughter. the eldest one great-grandchild lives on the family property in De Chima, with her mother. great-granddaughter's okay. mom's kinda whacked. lana's grave is also on the family property.
  • - Daugher + Evil Mom: the daughter thought of lana as persevering, brave and progressive. the mother thinks lana was selfish for pursuing something the world wasn't ready for. the mother, however, is seriously suffering from dementia. it's... pretty sad, honestly. what i did get out of her, though, was that lana didn't believe this world was alone in the universe, and that had something to do with what she was going to showcase at the world fair.
  • - Lana's Lab: still exists in de chima, though it was heavily remolded into a large physics lab (it's kind of awesome, actually). kate walked around (invisible) and pulled up memories of lana younger in 1910, always carrying a little black book. we found the book in the family library.
  • - Scans from Lana's book. [ here, thomas has posted the camera pictures that Kate and Loki took of the book. here's the description from the mods of what it has in it: "The little black book consists of various constellations, all recorded down by Lana. There's nothing seemingly out of the ordinary, [...] Lana did not write much in the book either, but there are a few scribbles that question theories related to M-theory or the multiverse." ]
  • - Constellations + Lana's notes: there's a few starts recorded in these charts Lana made that don't exist in this world's sky anymore.
  • - Archives Purged in 1984: Lana's files were purged from the archives in 1984, the reason it's concretely available, but the staff rumors that they files were dangerous and illegal. one said lana's work was potentially too dangerous for the public to ever have access to. most everything/everyone else that could have linked to lana is, by now, gone or removed from public record. this little book seems like the best lead we have right now.
  • - NOTES: not alone in the world could mean a lot of things. i'm still trying to look through these and find all the missing stars and which constellations they're in, but considering the ties to lachesis, it's got to be something. another thing, in the world i think most of us know, m-theory didn't come around until the 1990s. lana was making these notes around the 1910s. [ he's leaving a transcript of the conversation he had with kitty on m-theory and the multiverse not long ago, for reference for anyone who isn't familiar. ]
  • - ADDENDUM: i just want you guys to know what i did to get this info for you. never again.
  • - ETA: Hal's trip to visit Lana's missing stars - from Lana Sudiczki's star charts. Nothing there. That's a dead end.
  • - Heron Event Center in Nonah? Maybe. Check it out.

» 7/17/2015, July Swear-in + OOC post 2 + Log 1 + Log 2; (Wasn't there - heard second hand.) Moira Nomos' death, upped security in response to Soviet threat, imPorts hallucinating (and have past & future visions?).

» Freddie Lounds file leak.» General imPort Commentary:
  • -"Also I want to know why my powers don't work on anything government-related." - Skye.


» On Time, imPorting and exPorting: "When someone imPorts, they leave their world at a specific moment, right? The last thing you remember, that's the "moment" in time you left. When you exPort, you go back to that "moment," without any memory of this--that is, that place. If that "you" comes back, from a later "moment," then often when you arrive, you "regain" your memory of these worlds. Because it's still in your "past." Time is still linear. Does that make sense so far?" - Ruka
» On Patterns with the Porters: "... Couples often go together, even if they're not from the same world. And... sometimes a group all from the same universe, they'll leave in quick succession, like a drain being pulled. Kids don't usually stick around, but there's been exceptions. Goodhearted people are more prone to returning home quickly, I think." - Ruka
» On the Porter's origin in the present cities: "The Porter made its timely debut in 1986 by this universe's mortal calender, when the first wave of imPorts arrived. Needless to say, the anecdotal instances of the Porter go back further. Well, kind of, depending on how we see time, hm?--we'll talk about the larger, omniversal impact, if you'll leave it to the open floor." - Loki
» "Continuum"; what keeps imPorts getting resurrected. in the nanites they put in us? not used until after 2007. unstable natural element used in the technology that allows nanites to work, found in swampland near Heropa.
» MISC NOTES: [ these are originally Hange's notes that were recieved from Roy Mustang, in this thread, however since Roy wanted to talk privately about it, Thomas isn't going to cite his name on this. ]
  • - The Porter itself doesn't provide any background information on the imPorts it brings in, so what's in their files is all that the government has access to. Whether that information exists somewhere currently inaccessible within the Porter is unknown.
  • - In the past it was possible to send people home at their request, although since the recent Porter changes that occurred in January it has been behaving irregularly. People being brought in and then sent home is currently classified as a malfunction.
  • - After the Porter was synched up to by a sentient and nearly omnipotent program known as Lachesis, it has been able to instantaneously "scan" each imPort brought in through means still unknown and produce basic information such as their names and abilities. It is theorized but still undetermined this may be achieved by some sort of DNA reading or brain scanning.
  • - It is thought that the radiation the Porter gives off is what gives imPorts their powers (or changes them, or allows them to keep them). ( NOTE: this is pretty much bullshit, though )
  • - The technology in this world, Porter not included, has not yet advanced enough to the point of being able to give civilian powers. The Porter itself appears either disinterested or also incapable of this, and the Porter specialist Moira Nomos's hypothesis is that people native to this world are immune and incompatible with the Porter's radiation. Why this world is considered important by the Porter is still unknown.
  • - The Sidereal technology is very similar to virtual reality, but on more of an "astral plane" level than a truly virtual one. The "Quantum Zone" exists separately from said technology and is said to be a spiritual plane that exists directly above the normal one, though not "high" enough to completely separate the soul from the body.

» Info Leak From Hacker -
  • - "It's been confirmed that the Porter has its own automated defenses that prevents anyone from prying too much information out of it."
  • - "Its origins lead to the Atlantic Ocean where it was pulled near the coast in 1985."It is currently unknown why people suddenly go home. It is not the government's doing. They believe it is the fault of Lachesis."
  • - "They have no idea how it works. It is a mystery to both the government and their scientists. They have no control over it whatsoever. Any control you might think they have is an illusion. I have seen their files. They know no more than us."
  • - NOTES: thing is, though, if they were able to deport people in 2010, how'd that happen if they didn't know anything about it to begin with? it has to be only just now, when lachesis showed up in 2014. so where's the operation manual that came out of the ocean with it before lachesis came in and screwed it all up? on top of that, imports were coming in with powers before lachesis made it uncontrollable, so how had that worked? or, was the deportation in 2010 an accident too, that they explained over so it didn't look like the porter was out of control? it doesn't all connect.

» 9/5/2014 - Kate's notes on Porter, Kanaya's theories; -
  • - 'Government' or 'Lachesis' aren't the only two options for higher powers at work here.
  • - Important to ask: how long the history of these Porter cities extend, where the Porter came from to begin with
  • - Memories stored within the Porter?
  • - Porter as system for matter transference, not a portal machine.
  • - Multiple worlds with Porters
  • - I'm surprised they got through a conversation this long without homicide.

» 10/17/2015 - LACHESIS NOT INSIDE PORTER, NEW ENTITY, post by Luke & Nico; -
  • - Event description
  • - "We offered Lachesis a sacrifice, but something else answered. 'The one you call Lachesis has only but once intervened in this form. She has long since fled.' then 'Leave me be.' - Luke Castellan
  • - Male voice, easy on the ears.
  • - Used some kind of force-less blast wave to daze them?


» 1984 Police state - [ a summary goes here, i will fill this in in a bit ]
» 1985 - The Porter is found in the Atlantic Ocean, pulled near the coast when it was discoved. - Anon hacker on the info leak that broke up the news.
» 1986 - first imPorts arrive
» 2008 Incident - [ thomas will put a summary of the 2008 deathray incident here but i dont feel like writing it, but assume its here with all the gross detail available ]
» Missing Heroes» 2014, Porter Reactivates - January 15th, imPorts both from the old City in the Alpha universe are pulled in, as well as new imPorts from differing worlds. No one turned the Porter on, it happened on its' own, supposedly.
» Native Government Officials [ NPCs ]
  • - Moira Nomos; network tag. DECEASED, 7/2015. former head scientist, worked with the Porter, from Queens. worked there since she was 18. see 'NOMOS' in mythology sections.
  • - Captain Aisha Ananke - Network tag. seems willing to help us out. at least, works with annie often enough. replaced parc holiday.
  • - Captain Parc Holiday; Network Tag. previously the import-military liaison, but recently (a couple months ago) apprehended for soemthing sketchy having to do with helping out imports, marked as having a mental break, and taken to a high security mental hospital to be held, not allowed any visitors. i doubt he's actually gone psychotic, but if they're pumping him full of anti-psychotics when he doesn't need them, it's not gonna be long before his brain melts. if we're going to reach him, we need to do it fast. Leaked article onto the network by 'Hans' - 12/28/2014, Kate's info compiling post - on Hornets, Holiday and some general klunk. Kate's good at compiling stuff. ETA: QUISMA IS CAMPED IN HOLIDAY'S HEAD.
  • - Sierra Thorpe; [ insert a summary of thomas's conversations with her here, albeit with specifics about the case and suspects removed or made vague (privacy is an important thing to him ok - most of the time, at least) ]. tough, all business, cynical, impatient and pretty grumpy, but gets excited when progress is made. she's not that bad. i like her. i trust her.

» Lacey Chases/L. Chases; Secretary of Defense. Nice name, looks familiar, huh? » Lif Foundation - run by Narga
» Salvatore Quisma / "Phantom" - guy's getting his own section. what's this place got with taking mazes and lightning and shanks like jorge from my world, anyway? whatever. so this guy.
  • - Ananke's video of Quisma (video #5) - still freaks me out. [ Quisma looks like Giancarlo Esposito. mods linked this pic as a younger depiction of him, but that pic isn't icly publically available as of yet, only what's in this video. thomas's mentions of "jorge" are because the character Jorge from the TMR novel series is being played by Giancarlo Esposito in the upcoming Scorch Trials film. so, Jorge. ]
  • - "Hans" post - detailing Quisma's "death" in 2004, however, was in a video at a theatre showing in 2007, and there was a spirit at a 2014 ceremony that was introducing himself as 'Salvatore Quisma". See threads in this post about the possibility of Quisma possessing Holiday - theorized by Kate Bishop.
  • - "Outspoken on imPort rights". Also involved in Miguel Rodriquez' memory Kate discovered, see above.
  • - We know he was married. No idea to who.
  • - Kate's info dump; Regarding Quisma, government listening in, Holiday's arrest, other people.
  • - Telepathic Conversation with Holiday & Quisma - [ thomas will have a transcript of the conversation written out here, details of it are described in post here ]



» Differences from commonly known history of most Earths [ stuff thomas has ic picked up from the history classes at the public school and compared to what he remembers from his own world's history (not a lot) and what he's gotten from other people ]
  • - The Berlin Wall never fell.
  • - The USSR has not disbanded.
  • - All US wars have occurred and been fought and won with the same outcomes (up to 2014), with albeit some differences in the political justifications. Many have been instigated because both the US and the USSR have tried to ensure the other couldn't manipulate another country for their own gain.
  • - Similarly, US and other world events are basically the same, however with different political justification and ramification.

» US History with Soviets; [ the soviet part in here will be summarized in Thomas's words vaguely, from what he's been able to learn in school ]

» Soviet Aggression in Alaskan waters

» Soviet Aggression on Finlandian Border


"While the government -- and much of the public -- believes that imPorts are brought in to help protect humanity and aid the American war effort, the military is more skeptical of this theory. They do believe the imPorts are brought in for a purpose but that purpose has not been realized yet, and is in fact a far off future event that the Porter has foreseen. This is of course not proven as of yet." [ this is also taken from Hagne's notes that Thomas got from Roy Mustang, and he's not citing it due to wanting to respect that Roy wished to keep his knowledge of it on the DL. ]

» 5/25/2015, L. Chases on the Network; imports allowed to travel though considered AWOL (yeah, great, thanks for that), Registered imPorts sent to hunt Unsettled vigilantes, imPort training facilities, Holiday returned home but not accepting visitors.
» 9/13/2015, Assignments; Local aid + Soviet aggression on Finland


» JONATHAN CRANE - Posing as psychiatrist, actualy a whack job who wears a potato sack on his head and likes scaring people. » LUCIFER - actually satan? has a church. doesn't like penguins. don't make deals with him.


[ In this section, I'm just listing the links, but assume that Thomas has put a sort of journal entry for each Swear In with a rundown of things that happened there, and the short summary line that I have written. ]

» 5/14/2015 Swear In; (Wasn't there) - heard second hand. Weird things with plants?
» 6/13/2015, Swear In at Cape Canaveral's beach + Log; (Wasn't there - heard second hand.) Dinner and murder mystery game. No one actually murdered. Otherwise, uneventful.
» 7/17/2015, July Swear-in + OOC post 2 + Log 1 + Log 2; (Wasn't there - heard second hand.) Moira Nomos' death, upped security in response to Soviet threat, imPorts hallucinating (and have past & future visions?).» 7/17/2015, Swear in @ DC; (Wasn't there - heard second hand.) Massive information leak on imPort histories. Talk about Soviet's trying to mimick import capabilities, two dead CIA agents in Moscow. Protestor talks about conspiracy between Freemason and Volkov, Cold War a front.
» 8/15/2015, Swear in @ De Chima - CRANE's GAS ATTACK; Set up as a tech and innovation faire, interrupted by Jonathan Crane pumping a fear toxin into the university and campus, triggers hallucinations and mania, a lot injured, around 60-70 dead. and this sick shank's still breathing. figures.
» 9/13/2015, Swear in @ Heropa, autumn festival, a lot of propoganda, a lot of natives crying about how we're not fighting the dumb shuck war for them. Not a lot else. Mostly just annoying.
» 10/16/2015, Swear in @ Helix Station - Maurtia Falls, Halloween event, attack staged and successfully defended by Helix Station defense droids and turrents + Revan and imPorts.

[ this is all world status updates and majority reports and various other news/press related things. I'm making an OOC list here with an IC summary, but basically assume Thomas has something like journal entries summarizing this stuff here, excluding anything that's stated as ICly unavailable to the public. ]

» 10/2014 - World Status Update: legislation cutting imPort aid, Soviets accusing imPorts of spying, Alaskan front aggression, leaked code: "meet at nauru, the bear waits for her cubs" [ if he didn't get the code solved from someone else, thomas would have been well capable of deciphering it himself ]
» 10/2014 - World status update: Alaskan naval update, Castle Rock news, public polling on imPort legislation, freak storm over Brycha.
» 10/18/2014 - Castle Rock, Maine Hornets Attack in Maize: Halloween event held at a faire in Maine, giant creeper freaking corn maize, contest for cash. Minho and I went in with Grey, Hornets turned out the lights and raised smoke/fog, attacked imPorts with power nullifiers, some kidnapped, all rescued eventually by police. See Hornets section for learned information.
» 10/21/2014 - Fires/Bombings at the Florida Citrus Towers, Bok Tower Gardens, two buses exploded in downtown Orlanda. Bombings in Sofia, Bulgaria at National Historical Museum and on the Sofia red line metro. Additional attacks.
» 12/2014 - World updates;
» 1/23/2015; Freak lightning storms start over Heropa, De Chima, Nonah and Maurtia Falls. People being struck. ImPorts live (and go crazy after???), natives die. I hate this. Shuck this. [ assume dates thus far have been recorded ]
» 1/23/2015; Death of Ira Ditko, age 32.
» 1/25/2015; Miguel Rodriguez trial, see notes for testimonies.
» 5/20/2015 World Status Update; Hornets taken out, Lana's constellations book a dead end (maybe check Heron Event Center in Nonah), new import regulations, Holiday released from hospitalization.
» 6/21/2015, World Status Update; imPort healthcare, Import training facility, illegal Vigilante group in Muartia Falls, declining native attitude on imPorts.
» 8/10/2015, Majority Report ImPorts in social media, talk about a new Porter city on the West Coast, Soviet spies responsible for imPort info leak (heard that before), Senator klunks a brick.
» 8/20/2015, Majority Report; Bioterrorism in De Chima, klunk about action figures, Power Girl working up a team maybe.
» 9/10/2015, Majority Report; supernatural sea creatures on the east coast, reward for Crane's whereabouts, rumors of a new import hero team,
USSR troops march on Russia/Finland border and the US loses their klunk over it, what else is new?
» 9/20/2015, Majority Report; Toilets went whacker?, ImPort team heads to the Finland border, weird dolls that look like imports placed around De Chima?
» 10/10/2015, Majority Report; "Senator Haik has taken ill quite suddenly".
» 10/20/2015, Majority Report; Francis Urquhart new Nonah Ambassador. Crane pulling more bioterror klunk, who's surprised? Nothing came out of it yet, just threat. "Haunting" in Nonah cemetary. Attack on Helix Station Swear-In, defended successfully with no casualities by installed droids, Revan and imPorts.



» 2/20/2015 - HORNETS DISMANTLED, Kitty rescued; Last fight we had with the Hornets, no word from them since. Thinking we're done with them. [ assume a more in-depth IC summary of events and how things when down here, written by Thomas and posted like a journal entry ]
» Kate's Hornets + Missing Heroes findings
» Kate's info compiling post - on Hornets, Holiday and some general klunk. Kate's good at compiling stuff.
» Clark's Hornet info summary
» Annie's Hornets explanation
» Miguel Rodriguez - ex-journalist, now Hornet, under custody and unwent a trial [ this is a summary of what was reported from the trial and a word-for-word transcription of as much of what Miguel says as Thomas is able to get to (eidectic memory, yo) ]. A large amount of his work prior to imPort deportation (2010) has been pulled from archives since. Kate pulled a memory from him in Maine. It was a conversation between Rodriguez, Holiday and Quisma about an "A Matter" (suspecting that it was about a gas leak that happened an hour south of Heropa, rumored to be because of an imPort with powers over gaseous substances - not much info available on it - real surprising, right?), Miguel insisting it was an imPort problem and asking why they're being quiet on the subject. Quisma tells him powers weren't the problem, no one's life is more valuable than another's.
» Phillip North - Annie's investigation results.
» 1/29/2015 Trip to Brycha, Michigan. [ ooc plot post for YA investigation trip to Brycha ]
  • - BASE + CIPHER; Former Hornet base was a warehouse, off the Brycha Sea Maiden's Wharf, on Lake Huron. No one's home, but there's a laptop there with just one thing on it. A cipher:
    A rich vex, lo! ((deciphered: Charlevoix))
    A Canonical Testing Mirth. ((deciphered: Michigan Central Station))
    A lore hunk. ((deciphered: Lake Huron))
    Kid's post regarding this
    aside from that, all there was, was a postage note that said: "Sorry to miss you; catch you later? If you can figure out where to look." shuckfaces.
  • - CRYPTIDS/MUTATED WILDLIFE; looked like things WICKED would've puked up, but with less saws and spikes and stuff. seriously. there were rumored appearances of monsters and mutated animals out in the woods that really started to pick up around 1993, but while we found some of the things people were talking about, we didn't find any real source to pin it on. america and kanaya found an egg, and broke it open to find a dead, baby... something-bird. mostly bird with creepy human parts in some places. when tested, though, the DNA didn't have any mutagens within it.
  • - FREAK EARTHQUAKES/SKYQUAKES; the museum talks about a spike of chemical residue going on throughout 1993, tied with the weird earthquakes that aren't appropriate for the region. there are not fault lines in Brycha, but between 1991-1994, the town had a bunch of weird quakes and vibrations that they blamed a lot of bad luck with health/business/whatever, and sited all kinds of crazy stuff as the source - lake monsters, construction, government experiments. the people in this town are kinda loopy.
  • - DEADZONE + TRAP DOOR; loki went polar bear diving in the lake, and found a totally dead zone at the bottom of the lake, in the far north. no fish, no plants, nothing. what he found was a trap door, but trying to get close to it left him at a constant ten feet away. i would've gone down and checked it (power lets me see hidden structures, etc), but lydia didn't want me getting hypothermia. i would've been fine. we'll try to head back when it's warmer, i guess.
  • - LAKE SAMPLES; lydia's got samples from the water and lake bed to run tests on. we just got back from that second trip on the 25th, so she's still working on it.

» General imPort Commentary:
  • - "the "legend" of the Hornets being local to Nonah alone, or that the families of those imPorts who were forced to leave twenty-some years ago still refuse to speak with any of us. Or they're not allowed to, but the kind of "peaceably, everyone left" myth is fully a myth." - Annie
  • - "The Hornets were a group of people who probably blew up a monorail in Nonah, North Carolina. An underground gang that even Captain Holliday knows next to nothing about." - Hans.

[ stuff thomas has saved/written down but will only be making available to a few people. currently viewable to: gladers, all of heropa residence 001, grey, stiles, annie, kate and kitty ]

» File Leak Notes. [ it'll have thomas's notes on the suspects, along with the result of the case, mayhew's confession, along with stiles' theories as well, and the fact it wasn't the hornets that were the source. ]
» People of interest [ people thomas has taken special note of ]
  • - Ruka - present for much of the previous City
  • - Tony Stark, Edward Nygma: both have been present for a while? Stark's hiding six years worth of deets (i've been reading loki's conversations too long), what kind of crap is that? seems a lot like the gladers - the ones that didn't leave. didn't think they could, didn't want to try to. we need that information.

[ things only viewable to thomas ]

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